8 Hottest Cannabis Products

There are endless cannabis products, but which ones are the true winners? We’ve spent the past few months sifting through product and have come to find the 8 Hottest Cannabis Products in 2017. These are the products that have amazing consistency, quality, and design. Enjoy!

1. Original Mini Joints

hottest cannabis products originalminijoints

These mini joints are fantastic all around. Not only are they a super convenient perfectly rolled size, Original Mini Joints contain 12 amazing high grade cannabis rolls. They offer 5 different blends: hybrid, indica, sativa, enhanced with kief, and special edition blends. These are perfect for those who enjoy joints on the go!

Check them out at: http://originalminijoints.com/

2. Brite Labs Vape Pen

hottest cannabis products brite labs

Brite Labs’ rechargeable vape pen is a model for others. This pen delivers strong consistent quality, on top of a great taste (which is sometimes hard to find in vape pens). Their vaporizer cartridges contain pure CO2 cannabis extract, creating a high quality vaping experience.

Check them out at: www.britelabs.com/products/

3. Annabis Vape Purse

hottest cannabis products annabis

We are such big fans of this company and line. Annabis produces amazing quality vape purses and accessories that are smell-proof and discreet. They use aroma-bloc technology that is typically used in the medical, food and electronics industry to mask strong scents. Not only are they one of few companies creating stylish ways to carry cannabis products, they are in the forefront of reforming negative cannabis stereotypes– something we are all thankful for!

Check them out at: www.annabisstyle.com/

4. The Apothocarry Case

hottest cannabis products apothocarry case

The Apothocarry Case is rejecting the old school ways of storing cannabis in bags, random tins, or old jars, and bringing an entire new era of sophistication and technology to optimally store cannabis. It turns out, there definitely is a right way to store your cannabis. The Apothocarry Case is hitting the nail on the head with their case that considers humidity control, organization, safety, and style. It’s odor-proof and includes one side for your cannabis and another for your tools. This is the grand slam of storage.

Check them out at: www.theapothecarrycase.com/

5. Nugtools Nuggy

hottest cannabis products nuggy

This has been called, “The Smoker’s Multi-Tool”- and for good reason. It’s like the Swift Army Knife of cannabis. Think about all the weird tools we are constantly scavenging for when trying to pack, roll, load, or clean. With the Nuggy, you have all of those tools at your disposal in one tool.

Check them out at: www.nugtools.com/

6. ResKit

hottest cannabis products resolution

This is a must have for patients who enjoy bong consumption. ResKit is making it 10X easier to clean with their ResKit. Bongs are an investment, and the small price for this cleaning kit is worth every penny. ResKit saves so much time and makes your bong look brand new.

Check them out at: www.resolutioncolo.com/

7. MyBudVase Water Pipe

hottest cannabis products mybudvase

Hands down, these are some of the most beautiful bongs we have come across. Their unique designs serve not only as beautiful engineered water pipe, but also bring a sense of elegance to the room. These pieces are customly designed by Doreen Sullivan, and often embody a vintage look with discreet functionality.

Check them out at: https://mybudvase.com/

8. Lean Green Wizard Cone Filling Machine

hottest cannabis products lean green wizard

This makes all of us who can never roll good joints extremely excited. The Lean Green Wizard Cone Filling Machine makes it so easy to make beautiful joints! It’s so simple to do, and completely expedites the process.

Check them out at: https://leangreenwizard.com/

We loved these products! Each one made it onto our Hottest Cannabis Products for their own unique reason. Want to try them yourself? Get a medical marijuana card with PrestoDoctor today and search for dispensaries or websites carrying these products!