5 Best Consumption Devises Every Cannabis Smoker Should Try

weed consumption devices

What are some of the best consumption devices on the market today? There seems to be so many options, it can be hard to make a decision. We’ve sifted through the numerous consumptions devices, and these are our list of the 5 best consumption devices every cannabis smoker should try.

Not only are these products beautiful, they are an incredible quality and design. Enjoy!

1. Bloom Farms, Highlighter: Rechargeable Oil Vape Pen 

This is the most beautiful vape pen we’ve come across. This rechargeable cannabis oil vapor pen contains all-natural cannabis oil at a consistent 50-70% THC content. Bloom Farms constantly delivers sophistication in all of their products while leaving no lingering scent. We loved the metal mouthpiece, bringing a sense of quality to the overall design.

Check them out at http://getbloomfarms.com/

best consumption devices bloom farms

2. OMG Farms, The Rooster: Disposable Oil Vape Pen

This disposable pen comes fully charged and preloaded with a delicious oil blend. It’s obvious this pen was created with efficiency in mind, as their patented technology has a significantly high success and consistency rate than other disposable pens we’ve come across. The Rooster includes two pens and a small carrying case. For all the vapers on the go, this is a great option for quick access while keeping it discreet.

Check them out at: http://omgfarms.com/

best consumption devices OMG farms

3. MyBud Vase: Water Pipes

These are some of the most beautiful water pipes we’ve come across. It literally looks like a high-end vase in your home, bringing a sophistication to the smoking experience.

Each piece is given a unique name based on its attributes, such as “Buttercup” for a small yellow vase or “Pig Tails” for a vase with large side handles.  

The creative behind each unique design bud vase is CEO and founder, Doreen Sullivan. Doreen has spent years perfecting the craft of form and function within these pieces. These are a great option for those looking to add a touch of maturity to their smoking experience.

Check them out at: https://mybudvase.com/

best consumption devices mybud vase


The creation of Miwak Junior began as a rebellious act against a college ceramics class. The founder, Sebastian Boher, sneaked his pipe into the kiln and created a pipe embodying intuitive function and unbelievable simplistic beauty. Partner Alice Johnson Boher, a fellow cannabis enthusiast agreed, and MIWAK JUNIOR was born. The pipes are inspired by Pre-Columbian cultures and Space Age wonder. Aesthetic aside, MIWAK JUNIOR pieces rest perfectly in the palm, creating an easy and enjoyable smoking experience.

Check them out at: https://miwakjunior.com/

best consumption devices miwak junior

5. Matrix: Dry Herb and Concentrates Vaporizer

The customizable setting that you can enjoy from the Matrix bring this product as one of the best dry herb vaporizers we’ve seen. The Matrix allows you to enjoy herb and even concentrates with precision, as you can adjust the temperature scale down to 1-degree Fahrenheit increments between 300-435°F. The endless options give you the ability to get the maximum efficiency from your material (herbs or concentrates), giving you an amazing vaping experience. Easy to clean, easy to use, with more than 135 different settings and a digital OLED display leave nothing to question. It’s your future favorite herb vaporizer.

Check it out: https://migvapor.com/matrix-dry-herb-vaporizer

best consumption devices matrix

It’s amazing to see the progression of consumption devices in just a few years. These creators and artists are pioneering the way for the cannabis community to evolve into a more mature industry through form and function, making some of the best consumption devices today.

Check out their websites to see which dispensaries carry their product, or see if an online purchase is available. If you still need your medical marijuana card, get it TODAY with PrestoDoctor!